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The Mansion To Open Again, This Time As Entourage

By Jeffrey B. Cohen

September 11, 2009

The downtown nightclub closed by the state earlier this summer following a stretch of late-night violence could reopen next week under a different name and with a heightened security plan, the state said Friday.

The club formerly known as The Mansion will now be called Entourage and the club will feature a Top 40 theme. The state said late Friday afternoon that it will lift the club's liquor suspension Sept. 17, but it was not clear exactly when the club will open.

For the first four weeks it is open, the club's owners will pay for overtime for two Hartford police officers on site. Security will be reviewed thereafter.

The new club will also have a dress code, wide-angle surveillance cameras, and security personnel as part of an agreement signed by the club's owners, the state said.

The state temporarily shuttered the club at 191 Ann Uccello St. on June 12, capping a violent week in which one patron was shot and four others were stabbed just after they left the club. Below is the state's press release.

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