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Hartford Democrats Interested In Running For Office

By Jeff Cohen

May 19, 2011

It’s getting to be that time of year where folks who want to run for mayor, city council, and other offices make it known to the city’s Democratic Town Committee. That committee has provided us with a letter it sent out last month to people who, at the time, had expressed an interest in running.

That letter is below, along with the list of potential candidates. Note: I have not verified that the people on the list still in fact plan to run. Also note that we hear some other announcements are in the works.

Thursday, April 21, the HDTC Executive Committee met and made several decisions about the candidate interview process and Convention. Below I have listed those interested in seeking Municipal Office, and divided them by the Office they are seeking. Please note that this is just an initial list and candidates may come forward as late as the evening of the Convention for nomination. If an individual intend on being interviewed by the HDTC they must inform us by June 1st. Copies of the candidates bio’s or letter of interest were given to District Spokespersons to share with their members at the district meetings. Again, please note that the list below is just preliminary and in no particular order……


-Sean Arena

-Na Imah Shabazz

-Raul Espinoza

-Kevin Brookman

-Anthony McCann

-rJo Winch

-Ken Kennedy

-Kyle Anderson

-Ashley Johnson

-Alex Aponte

-David MacDonald

-Raul Dejesus

-Thom Page


-Pedro Segarra

-Shawn Wooden

-Stan McCauley

-Edwin Vargas


-Adam Cloud


-Marc Nelson

Important date to put on your calendar is Thursday, July 21st. This will be the Convention date. At this point we are planning on having it @ Bulkeley High School @ 5:30. The location has not yet been confirmed however, your spokesperson will be informed of changes and confirmation to schedule as it occurs. If Bulkeley is unavailable the Executive Committee decided on Rawson School as a back-up location.

Wednesday, June 15th the Town Committee will be conducting interviews for City Council, and again we will be putting in a request for the use of the auditorium @ Bulkeley High. This meeting will start @ 6:00 and will last for a few hours. The process was discussed in detail by the Executive Committee and your spokesperson will explain at your next district meeting.

Thursday, June 16th the Town Committee will conduct interviews for Mayor & Treasurer. Candidates for Treasurer will begin @ 6:00 and Mayoral candidates will start @ approximately 7:15. Bulkeley High is the targeted location.

Jean Walcott Holloway

Reprinted with permission of Jeff Cohen, author of the blog Capital Region Report. To view other stories on this topic, search Capital Region Report at http://capitalregionreport.wordpress.com/.
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