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McGee to Contest Election in Court

By Andy Hart

August 30, 2012

On Tuesday, August 28, state representative candidate (5th District) Brandon McGee officially filed a complaint in Hartford Superior Court concerning the Democratic Primary held on August 14.

The complaint alleges that certain actions taken by election officials in Hartford and Windsor resulted in a miscount of votes. McGee originally finished in a 773-773 tie with Windsor Democratic Town Chairman Leo Canty for the Democratic nomination for 5th District State Representative. A recount of the ballots cast gave Canty one more vote – and victory in the election.

The complaint filed by McGee alleges that elections officials: improperly allowed absentee ballots to be counted that were not counted by tabulation on primary Election Day or during the recanvass; improperly allowed absentee ballots to comingle, allowing for an improper count; and lost a ballot that was cast in McGee’s favor in Windsor’s John F. Kennedy voting district.

“A citizen’s right to vote is one of the most precious rights one has,” said McGee. “While I want to make clear that nowhere in this action is my campaign alleging any wrongdoing by either Mr. Canty or Mayor Trinks, I want to ensure that those who exercised their right were not deprived of their voice, and that the will of the people is ascertained without question of process.”

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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