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Canty Declared Winner in 5th District Race

By Andy Hart

August 23, 2012

Leo Canty of Windsor has been declared the winner in last Tuesday’s Democratic Primary for State Representative from the 5th District. Initial results from the race indicated that Canty, who is chairman of Windsor’s Democratic Town Committee, had finished in a 773-773 tie with Brandon McGee of Hartford.

The 5th District now includes Windsor as well as Hartford. Initial reports said that Canty had 78 votes from Hartford and 695 from Windsor, while McGee had 411 votes from Hartford and 362 from Windsor.

However, recounts in both towns showed that Canty had one more vote in Hartford, giving him a total of 774. McGee has the option of contesting the results of the election in Superior Court.

On Wednesday, McGee said, “After recounts in Windsor and Hartford, preliminary results indicate that Mr. Canty has a one-vote lead. My campaign team is currently reviewing the process and the numbers. We will determine next steps, if any, once that process is complete. I am extremely honored by the support I received in both Hartford and Windsor, and grateful to every voter who participated in the process. I just want to make sure that every vote was counted and every resident's voice was heard.”

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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