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Arena Says Democrats Can't Accept Republican Endorsements

By Jenna Carlesso

September 21, 2011

Former Democratic Town Committee Chairman Sean Arena, who is a member of the Democratic State Central Committee, says Democrats aren't allowed to accept Republican endorsements. He said a section of the Democrats' bylaws prohibits cross-party endorsements.

Republican Michael McGarry has withdrawn from the mayoral race and opted to endorse Segarra. More on that here.

Below is an e-mail Arena sent to town committee members:

Hello Democrats,

It was announced today that the Republican Party is going to endorse Our Democratic endorsed Mayor, Treasurer, 3 Council candidates.

According to Article VI, section 4.part 3. c) ,

He has not received the endorsement of any other political party for the office for which he has received town committee endorsement, And if he should become a party-endorsed candidate of any other political party for the office for which he has received town committee endorsement he will file a letter of with-drawl relative to any such endorsement, with the municipal clerk in the case of municipal office,town committee member or delegateor with the secretary of state in the case of district office,pursuant to section 9-430 of the connecticut general statute.

Sean Arena

First District

Democratic State Central Committee Member

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