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Primary By The Numbers

By Jenna Carlesso

September 14, 2011

With all 23 voting districts reporting, here are the unofficial numbers from last night's primary:

Mayoral Race:

Pedro Segarra: 4,137 votes

Edwin Vargas: 1,506 votes

City Council Race (Endorsed Slate):

Kyle Anderson: 3,538 votes

Alexander Aponte: 3,355 votes

Raul DeJesus, Jr.: 3,161 votes

Kenneth Kennedy: 3,631 votes

David MacDonald: 3,389 votes

Shawn Wooden: 3,766 votes

City Council Race (Challenge Slate):

Valerie Allen: 1,342 votes

Shaquasia Goldsby: 1,085 votes

Ashley J. Johnson (AJ): 1,518 votes

rJo Winch: 1,576

City Treasurer Race:

Adam Cloud: 3,389 votes

Lawrence Davis: 1,351 votes

(Results courtesy of the Democratic Registrar of Voters Office)

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