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Vargas' Stance on Violent Crimes in Hartford

By Vanessa de la Torre

August 18, 2011

Nope, the election season does not ease up over the summer. Here is the latest press release from Democratic mayoral candidate Edwin Vargas, who looks to challenge Mayor Pedro Segarra in the September primary.


After weeks of grassroots campaigning walking door to door in every neighborhood in Hartford the issue of violent crime was evident in every conversation he had with voters. "Voters do not feel completely safe in their homes," said Edwin Vargas.

In fact, according to the latest Hartford Police Department statistics, from January 1, 2010 to August 6, 2010 there were 13 murders and as of August 6, 2011, this year alone, already 21 murders have occurred in Hartford. Also, this year there were 93 shooting victims.

In a major position stand Edwin Vargas outlined his plan to fight violent crime:

1. Increase the amount of police patrolling & protecting our neighborhoods.

2. Propose a Special Police Unit to respond quickly and intensively investigate any violent crimes or shootings.

3. The Special Police Unit would build relationships with citizens and initiate monthly neighborhood meetings where citizens can come to express their concerns about violent crimes or shootings.

4. Edwin Vargas will personally be involved in every neighborhood meeting taking a hands on approach to reduce violent crime in Hartford.

5. Edwin Vargas will provide the leadership, that the current mayor does not, on reducing violent crime that Hartford desperately needs.

"As Hartford's hands on Mayor I will fight to reduce violent crime and implement common sense programs to reduce violent crime in Hartford," stated Edwin Vargas. In addition, Edwin Vargas said he will be a "Mayor for Us!"

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