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Hartford Cop Fired For 'Conduct Unbecoming'

Hector Robles: Fired as a Hartford police officer, he should resign from the legislature

Hartford Courant

November 06, 2010

Hector Robles, who falsified department pay records, refused to act honorably and resign as a Hartford police officer after he got caught. So Chief Daryl K. Roberts did what he had to do: He terminated Mr. Robles this week for "a flagrant violation" of the department's code of conduct.

Now Mr. Robles should resign the other office of public trust he has sullied that of state representative from the 6th District in Hartford.

An internal police investigation found in August that Mr. Robles falsified time cards and bilked the department out of more than $9,000 in overtime. A department advocate recommended termination. The chief took the advice and fired Mr. Robles Monday, saying "such behavior cannot, and will not, be tolerated."

Mr. Robles' plundering of the overtime account is apparently under investigation by the chief state's attorney's office.

How can Mr. Robles effectively serve his constituents as a fired cop who may be under criminal investigation? His continued service would be another embarrassment for Hartford and for the General Assembly.

Democratic leaders should urge him to resign immediately or start disciplinary proceedings against him if he doesn't.

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