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Segarra: Investigate Police Internal Affairs Division

Mayor's Spokeswoman Cites 'Personnel Matters' That Need More Attention

Steven Goode

May 13, 2011

Mayor Pedro E. Segarra called Thursday for an independent review of the city police department's internal affairs division.

"I have already met with Police Chief Daryl Roberts and have directed him to order an immediate independent review of the IAD," Segarra said in a statement Thursday. "As matters continue to unfold, I reserve my right to take additional action to preserve the integrity, trust and public safety of the community."

Asked to elaborate, city spokeswoman Sarah Barr said: "Internal personnel matters have come to the mayor's attention and require additional attention, so the mayor is taking diligent but aggressive action."

Richard Holton, president of the police union, said Roberts accused Lt. Neville Brooks last month of misusing his position for personal gain. Brooks, who had been working in internal affairs, was transferred to the special events unit, he said.

Holton said Brooks was locked out of his office, his computer was confiscated and an investigation was launched. Brooks has disputed the allegations, and a grievance has been filed, Holton said.

Holton said he was glad the city ordered the review. "It's fair for all the parties involved to ask for an external investigation," Holton said. "I think that benefits the city the most in the end."

Blogger Kevin Brookman has been writing about conflict within the police department, including the matter involving Brooks.

Roberts said Thursday that he couldn't comment on the personnel matters, but acknowledged that they involved members of the internal affairs division.

"I am going to do anything I possibly can do to be fair and consistent and get to the truth," Roberts said. He said the department is "looking for an outside source" to handle the investigation.

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