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Number 19 With A Bullet, So To Speak

By Steve Goode

November 22, 2010

Once again our fair city has made the top 20 of a listing that no one wants to be on.

Let's recount just the recent embarrassments: First it was no sex. Then it was no faith. And now it's no peace.

Hartford is number 19 on the CQ Press annual top - or bottom -25 ranking of the most dangerous cities in the US. It's not the first time Hartford has landed on CQs' radar. If memory serves, a few years back we actually topped the list, but that unfortunate distinction was, according to city officials, erroneous because the numbers were skewed by the Greenwood Health Center fire that killed 16 people.

Well, nothing like that happened this year, so that may help to account for Hartford's relative slide almost out of the top 20. The slot behind Hartford is occupied by Dayton, Ohio and just ahead of us... New Haven.

In case you are wondering or considering places not to move to... St. Louis topped the list of dangerous cities, followed by Camden, Detroit, Flint and Oakland.

Disclaimer alert: The FBI compiles the statistics that are used to rank the cities and has stated that the rankings can be unfair and does not endorse them.

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