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Arts Money in the Works

By Jeffrey B. Cohen

June 01, 2009

The application review process for the city's arts stimulus funding is underway, with 57 applications competing for the city and state money intended for job creation.

"The binders of applications are seven inches thick," said David Panagore, the city's director of development services.

Last week, the city council and Mayor Eddie A. Perez agreed to give $1.1 million in city funds to the program to accompany another $600,000 in federal funds. All together, that totals $1.7 million -- and the 57 applications pending are requesting more than $5 million, Panagore said.

The 10-member panel has begun its review, meeting to hash out process and ground rules. Its members (listed below) have begun to read the applications, and decisions will be made by the end of June, Panagore said. Applications were made by category, and here's how they break down:

33 applications submitted for new or expanded works ($2,487,472 requested)

11 applications submitted for facilities ($1,512,737 requested)

13 applications submitted for youth employment ($1,086,800 requested)

Here are the members:

City Appointed

David Panagore, Chairman

City of Hartford

Luis Cotto

City Council

rJo Winch

City Council

Miguel Matos

City, Grants Management

Jose Rodriguez

City, Economic Development

Appointed by Greater Hartford Arts Council

Cynthia Cudworth


Jason Gutcheon

Professional Business Insurers

Chris Cloud

Camilliere, Cloud & Kennedy

Jill Hutensky

Community Leader

Venton Forbes

First Cathedral Church

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