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Topping Off at New SMSA Building

May 30-June 6, 2007
By The Hartford News

Last Wednesday, Sport and Medical Science Academy held a “topping off” ceremony at its new facility in Hartford’s Sheldon-Charter Oak neighborhood. The final beam of the structure was raised and put into place by construction workers at the site of the new school off Huyshope Avenue near Dillon Stadium. The school is currently located in Downtown Hartford at the corner of Ann and Asylum Streets.

Before the beam was hoisted into place, Mayor Eddie Pérez and many others signed it, symbolizing that the major structural steel of the Sport and Medical Science Academy has now been completed.

Pérez said “This is a great day for Hartford, and a great day for our youth. The construction and renovation of the Sport and Medical Science Academy will provide 750 students with 156,000 square feet for a positive learning environment. The academy has also been named one of the top high schools in the region for students to learn and to compete for the jobs of the future. I’m proud that they will now have a new permanent home that provides a positive learning environment. This will help inspire future doctors, astronauts and teachers.”

This $71 million project is the City’s latest Magnet themed high school to begin construction. The facility will include a field house, fitness rooms and a “Hall of Fame” area located in the center of the building.

The project has provided 91 jobs, more than 13,000 working hours, and more than $329,000 in earnings.

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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