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Publication Offers News From City School System

April 5, 2007
Courant Staff Report

The city's school system has distributed 50,000 copies of "The Hartford Educator," a publication designed to get its message to parents, students and private donors.

The tabloid-size newsletter includes stories about summer school in the city's school system, the $107 million reconstruction of Hartford High School, the board of education's newly ratified mission and vision, and other tidbits and quirky stories on the school system and its programs.

The 16-page publication includes eight pages in English and eight pages in Spanish, with full color on the front and back pages and center spread. It cost the school system $20,000 to produce and print.

"It is part of our effort to communicate with some key constituents - parents, students, community partners - about news of the Hartford public school system," said school district spokesman Terry D'Italia. "It is just another way we want to get our message out, keep people informed, and keep them involved in our schools."

It is the third edition of the twice-a-year publication, which the school system paid a Massachusetts consulting firm to create. Previous editions cost the same, officials said.

About 23,000 copies of the publication were distributed Wednesday as an insert inside copies of The Courant that are distributed in Hartford. The rest were distributed through the schools, officials said.

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