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November 29 - December 6, 2006
By MIKE MCGARRY, The Hartford News Staff Writer

Sometimes the power of the press and indignation of the public can actually cause good things to happen, look at the hoopla over O.J. Simpson

Right here in River City, we have just had a similar outcome to a very interesting go-around affecting the whole city and especially the merchants and property owners in the northeastern part of the city. We know that the North Meadows is a real cash cow and job creator for the city and region. Any degrading of the area would harm both current players and any future plans.

The story is that a local purveyor of X-rated material was trying to set up another adult entertainment facility in the northeast part of the North Meadows. The trick to get around the Zoning law against such establishment would have been an amendment to the 1,000 foot rule that prevents any new adult business opening within 1,000 feet of homes, schools, parks and other adult joints.

The amendment would have taken in “Barriers” like railroads and highways as factors in allowing exceptions to the rule. Anyone looking closely at the change could easily find a Pandora’s Box opening up which might lead to many more potential sights for such facilities.

This whole idea was turned down earlier this year by the Zoning Board of Appeals but the applicant decided to go to Planning and Zoning for another go at it.

Something was in the wind because the City Planning Department sent the paperwork out on a Wednesday before Thanksgiving - just under the legal limit - limiting public discussion because most local weeklies don’t publish until Wednesdays - after the Tuesday meeting that would decide the issue. And the Planning Department took no sides on the issue, one wonders why.

Anyhow, the hoopla from the neighbors, the calls from the press, the opposition from the Mayor’s office, inquiries from Council persons all had the positive affect - of withdrawal of the proposal.

Proving that once in a while common sense prevails. Now, about that school on Farmington and Broad …

Reprinted with permission of the The Hartford News.
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