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The Candy Store Specializes In What Others Can't Get Yet

The Candy Shop, 804 Broad St., Hartford, 860-293-1138

April 19, 2007
By DANIEL E. GOREN, Courant Staff Writer

What's selling: This 2-month-old store has an extensive selection of the latest, hard-to-find "streetwear" apparel, including limited-edition shoes, new trends in jackets, denim and other clothing. There are only 480 pairs in the world, with six in Hartford, of one line of shoes - the Kidrobot JB Classic Sneaker, selling for $220, store representatives say. Its stores nationwide carry a denim line called "The Year Of ...," with each style limited to 120 pairs and individual pants numbered like a work of art.

Who Goes There: Draws people from all of New England, largely a college student crowd, though it gets an occasional celebrity visit, such as MIMS, a rapper known for his song "This Is Why I'm Hot."

Who Works There: Lobsang "Tito" Perez, store designer and merchandise buyer; Orlando "White" Santiago, employee; and Hector Rodriguez, local firefighter and store owner.

Cool Fact: The store has a candy shop theme, with gumball machines lining the walls and candy of all varieties sprinkled throughout the clothing displays. Perhaps its most cutting-edge feature is a monthly "sneaker summit," turning the store into a venue for kids and collectors from across New England who chase the latest shoe fashions. They come to the store to discuss rare shoes that have not yet made the market, to show off their latest kicks or swap shoes for a pair not available in their hometown.

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