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Notes on Crime/Offenses Definitions

According to the FBI, offenses are classified into Part I and Part II crimes (see: http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/handbook/ucrhandbook04.pdf).
Within each type, there are crimes against people and crimes against property.

Part I Violent Crime Offenses

  1. Criminal Homicide/Murder
  2. Forcible Rape
  3. Robbery
  4. Aggravated Assault

Part I Property Crime Offenses

  1. Burglary
  2. Larceny - theft (except motor vehicle theft)
  3. Motor Vehicle Theft
  4. Arson

Part II Offenses

Part II offenses include all other offenses reported to the FBI.

  1. Other Assaults
  2. Forgery and Counterfeiting
  3. Fraud
  4. Embezzlement
  5. Stolen Property: Buying, Receiving, Possessing
  6. Vandalism
  7. Weapons: Carrying, Possessing, etc.
  8. Prostitution and Commercialized Vice
  9. Sex Offenses
  10. Drug Abuse Violations (Sum of all drug crime offenses given in detail below)
  11. Gambling
  12. Offenses Against the Family and Children
  13. Driving Under the Influence
  14. Liquor Laws
  15. Drunkenness
  16. Disorderly Conduct
  17. Vagrancy
  18. All Other Offenses
  19. Suspicion
  20. Curfew and Loitering Laws—(Persons under 18)
  21. Runaways—(Persons under 18)

Drug Crime Offenses

  1. Possession of Opium-Cocaine
  2. Possession of Marijuana
  3. Possession of Synthetic Narcotics
  4. Possession of Other Narcotics

For more information on the definition of these offenses, please see:


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