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Council Review
Hartford City Council Meeting

Monday, May 8, 2000

Prepared by: Citizens’ Research Education Network, Hartford Public Library, and Hartford 2000

There were 65 items on the regular agenda. The meeting was preceded by a public hearing on the report of the Charter Revision Commission. The next Council meeting will be May 22; the next public hearing will be may 15.

Approval of CSS/CON NRZ Plan – The Council passed on consent an ordinance approving the Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ) Strategic Plan for the Coalition to Strengthen the Sheldon/Charter Oak Neighborhood (CSS/CON). The plan had been discussed by the Commission on the City Plan and by the Planning, Economic Development and Zoning Committee. Both recommended passage.

Funds for Neighborhood Mall Project – On the recommendation of City Manger Kee Borges, the Council passed two resolutions which provide funding to support the development of the Main and Pavilion Neighborhood Mall, a supermarket/retail complex on north Main Street. The funds will go to Public Housing Residents Going Places (PHRGP). One resolution allows the City Manger to apply for an Economic Development Initiative (EDI) grant of $300,000 and a Section 108 Loan Guarantee of $1.5 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The other allows appropriation of $300,000 in Urban Development Action grant (UDAG) repayment funds and $400,000 in Urban Act Loan Funds.

A third resolution, which would allow the sale of a vacant lot at 1870 Main Street to PHRGP, was referred to Planning, Economic Development and Zoning Committee. The sale would clear the way for the development. PHRGP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the South Arsenal Neighborhood Development Corporation and the Hartford Tenants Rights Federation, Inc.

Grandview Terrace Boulevard Historic District -- The Council referred to Planning, Economic Development and Zoning Committee a draft copy of the proposal by the Historic Properties Commission which would set in motion the establishment of the “Grandview Terrace Boulevard Historic District.” The report will initiate a public comment period which will culminate in a vote by the owners of record. If two-thirds of the owners vote in favor of the historic district, the Council will be asked to establish the district by ordinance. The district would encompass the block of Grandview Terrace which runs from White Street to Linnmoore Street. The houses on this block were built between 1910 and 1925.

Neighborhood Studios – On the recommendation of Deputy Mayor Sanchez, the Council passed on consent a resolution which appropriating $5,000 for the Neighborhood Studios program. The program provides employment and education for city youth in art-related projects. The summer program, for which the funding will be used, will cost $343,545 and will be housed in the Civic Center mall.

Parity Pay Increases -- On the recommendation of the City Manger, the Council sent to public hearing May 15 and to the Operations, Budget, Education, and Labor Committee a group of ordinances which will raise the salaries of non-union city employees. According to the cover letter accompanying the ordinances, department heads and senior staff have not received a pay adjustment since July of 1992 and support non-unit and unclassified staff have not received an adjustment since July of 1996. If passed the ordinances would increase salaries of effected employees by 2%, retroactive to July 1997. The recommendation for pay increases are a result of the Fox Lawson Pay Classification Study.

City Sister, Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago -- On the recommendation of Council member Horton Sheff, the Council referred to the Sister City Committee a resolution creating a sister city relationship with Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation.

If you have any questions about the agenda Greg Vickers at CREN, 249‑1416.  The Citizens' Research Education Network is a non‑profit information center for Hartford community‑based organizations.

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