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JAMAL NASRUDEEN snakes wires into a breaker box at the Trumbull Center apartment project in Hartford. Nasrudeen, who graduated from Prince Tech in 1999 and is an apprentice electrician, has failed the state license exam three times.
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DAMION MURRAY of East Hartford, an apprentice at T&T Electrical Contractors Inc., installs fluorescent light fixtures in the ceiling of the renovated corridor at East Hartford High School. Murray has been with T&T for four years. He has failed the state license test three times.
Copyright 2005, Hartford Courant
ALBERT DELEON is a manager of Mr. Sparkle Car Wash in Hartford. Any hope he had of becoming an electrician was lost when the court took away his driver's license after a series of street racing and drunken-driving arrests.
Copyright 2005, Hartford Courant

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