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Upper Albany NRZ Strategic Plan


Upper Albany Planning Committee Members
We Are Ready To Go!

Our Neighborhood at a Glance:

Positive Forces
Skill Inventory

Current Development Proposals

Economic Development Opportunities

Overall Strategies

Implementation Targets


List of Figures:**

Figure 1: Context Map #1
Figure 2: Historic Districts Map #2
Figure 3: General Zoning Map #3
Figure 4: MDC Backwater Valve Project Area Map #4
Figure 5: Economic Development and Redevelopment Priorities Map #5
Figure 6: Public Improvements Map #6
Figure 7: Community Development Actions Map #7

  1. Neighborhood Profile
  2. CREN Survey
  3. Zoning
  4. By Laws and Planning Committee Composition
  5. Public hearing Notices
* All pages in the main document are MS Word .doc format. All figures are unless otherwise indicated to be Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf format. ( ** )
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