Immediate Intermediate Long Term  
(within 12 months) (1 - 3 years) (3 - 5 years)  
Economic Development            
  Economic Development Team SHI / NRZ / SINA / HEDC & MAMA Coordinator Create an Economic Development Team (ED) to develop a marketing program for  the MARG NRZ Creation of an overall marketing strategy & marketing package On-going promotion of MARG neighborhood and South Hartford  
  Marketing Program SHI / NRZ Establish liaison with surrounding NRZs for the purposes of coordinating marketing of South Hartford Promote individual development sites (e.g. Greenberg-Beatman, Maple/Broad sites, former electric transformer building)
Identify financing incentives
  Site redevelopment Promote                                     SHI / NRZ / SINA Develop marketing strategy to promote development sites
Development of design guidelines for Barry Square and Maple Avenue
Actively seek out developers and tenants for sites Development of vacant and rehabilitated building sites  
Barry Square & Maple Avenue            
  Crown Street City / NRZ Consider reverting Crown St. to two-way traffic      
  Bond Street City / NRZ Consider reverting one-way traffic on Bond St.      
  Streetscape      Enhancements & Transportation Initiatives City / NRZ / MAMA Install 38 lights already designed, Seek funding for additional enhancements Development of detail plans for enhancements Streetscape construction infrastructure construction  
  Traffic & Parking                 City / NRZ / MAMA Conduct parking and traffic study
Explore all solutions
Seek funding
Develop plans and implement    
Trinity Plaza            
  Development Trinity College Support Trinity College in the development of plaza Work with Trinity developer to ensure project objectives are realized    
  Marketing  SHI / NRZ / SINA   Develop marketing package to promote property with developers    
  Redevelop Vacant / Blighted Properties City / NRZ / SHI Identify properties to be demolished or rebuilt Coordinate with City, SHI, etc. to get properties redeveloped Target borderline occupied properties and work with residents to pressure absentee landlords to improve housing  
        Replace multi-unit housing with lower density owner occupied houses Replace multi-unit housing with lower density owner occupied houses  
Corridors, Gateways & Linkages            
  Streetscaping City / NRZ / MAMA Seek funding for streetscape improvement to include Maple Avenue, Webster Street and Broad Street Develop plans and implement streetscaping program    
  Gateway Treatments SHI / NRZ Seek funding for: Work with designer and with other neighborhood NRZs in creating and implementing gateway program    
      South St./Maple Ave.    
      Franklin/Maple Aves.    
      New Britain Ave./Webster St.    
  Signage Downtown Council / NRZ Coordinate project with Downtown Council and adjacent NRZs Implement signage system Expand and elaborate system