Maple Avenue NRZ


Targeted Projects



The following lists are subject to change as conditions change daily. The lists are not all inclusive; there may be additional properties that were missed in this survey.


A.     Home Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program

1.       Location: Maintenance throughout entire area with rehab. on the following properties:

a.       38 Ellsworth Street

b.       60 Ellsworth Street

c.       97 Webster Street

d.       36 Webster Street


2. Actions

a.       Refer to SHI for loans to do renovations/repairs

b.       Refer to City Housing Code Enforcement if necessary

c.       Conduct systematic exterior condition inspections each spring. Enforcement notices should be coordinated with incentive programs.



B.     Troubled Property Program (Occupied Buildings)

1.       Locations

15 Barnard Street

48 Benton Street

169 Benton Street

1888 Broad Street

1928 Broad Street

1932 Broad Street

51 Campfield Avenue

39 Clifford Street

43 Clifford Street

1 Eastview Street

17 Ellsworth Street

21 Ellsworth Street

19 Julius Street

15 Kenneth Street

24 Webster Street

36 Webster Street

104 Webster Street



2.       Actions

a.       Refer property owners to the city for code enforcement inspections of each identified property.

b.       Refer property owners to the City to make repairs

c.       Refer property owners to the City for Zoning Code enforcement if necessary.

d.       Refer property owners to the City Police if action is necessary to eliminate illegal activity.



C.     Vacant Property Rehabilitation/Redevelopment Program


Locations Potential Reuse


a.       196 Adelaide Street

b.       202 Adelaide Street and interior lot

c.       169 Benton Street

d.       174 Benton Street vacant land


e.       180 Benton Street


f.        49 Campfield Avenue

g.       175 Douglas Street

h.       9 Ellsworth Street vacant land

i.         38 Ellsworth Street

j.         74 Ellsworth Street vacant

k.       12 Kenneth Street vacant land

l.         443-449 Maple Avenue vacant land

m.     455 Maple Avenue

n.       685 Maple Avenue

o.       686 Maple Avenue

p.       754 Maple Avenue vacant land

q.       761 Maple Avenue

r.        765 Maple Avenue

s.       84 New Britain Avenue

t.        63 Webster Street

u.       69 Webster Street

v.       73 Webster Street

w.     75 Webster Street

x.       97 Webster Street

y.       106 Webster Street

z.       15 Whitmore Street

aa.   18 Whitmore Street

bb.   56 Whitmore Street

cc.   70 Whitmore Street

dd. 75 Whitmore Street

ee. 98 Whitmore Street












Rehab house; sell interior lot to abutting owners for open space


Parking: combine with church or rehab/redevelop

Parking: combine with church or rehab/redevelop



Sell to adjacent multifamily owner



Commercial area parking

Sell to adjacent owners for parking


Redevelop; retail/commercial

Redevelop; retail/commercial

(Mothball) rehab retail/commercial

Commercial development

Redevelop; retail/commercial

Redevelop; retail/commercial

Redevelop; retail/commercial

Rehab of 63 75 Webster Street package by

Mutual Housing
















D.     Continuation of Green Team Code Enforcement Concept

1.       Location

a.       Entire Area

2.       Actions

a.       Green Team to include Housing Code Inspector, Zoning Code Inspector, Police Department, Health Inspector, Fire Marshall and Assistant City Manager.

b.       Problem Solving Committee identifies illegal conditions at a specific property.

c.       ACM investigates and decides if property should be a Green Team target

d.       Neighborhood planner would verify tax delinquency status and identify if property has benefitted from City subsidies.

e.       Appropriate enforcement actions applied in a coordinated manner. This can include tax foreclosure and curtailment of subsidies if appropriate.


E.      Barry Square Streetscape Improvements

1.       Location

a.       Webster Street from King to Crown

b.       Maple Avenue from Whitmore to Adelaide

c.       Campfield Avenue from Maple Avenue to the Library

2.       Actions

a.       Develop a comprehensive streetscape design plan addressing sidewalks, trash receptacles, ornamental fencing and lighting for public areas, landscaping, etc.

b.       Increase the wattage of the existing streetlights.


F.      Commercial Area Beautification

1.       Location

a.       Maple Avenue from Barnard Street to South Street and North of Barnard Street in conjunction with South Green NRZ.

b.       New Britain Avenue from Webster Street to Fairfield Avenue

c.       Broad Street from New Britain Avenue to White Street

d.       Webster Street from New Britain Avenue to Maple Avenue


2.       Actions

a.       Place flower pots--Hartford Blooms--throughout the areas.

b.       Placement of banners on poles throughout the area.

c.       Identify business sponsors for banner program.

d.       Decorative lights (historic style)

e.       Historic style iron fencing (where possible/applicable)


G.     Anti-litter Project

1.      Location

a.       Entire Area

2.      Specific Targeted Areas

a. 104 Benton Street

b.      169 Benton Street

c.       174 Benton Street

d.      180 Benton Street

e.       443 Maple Avenue

f.        Adams Super Foods, 76 New Britain Avenue

g. Webster Theater, 31 41 Webster Street

h. Whole Donut, 120 Webster Street

3.      Actions

a.       Identify funds to conduct an education and marketing campaign.

b.      Establish a regular clean-up program three times per week.

c.       Enforce violations and place liens on private property to cover costs.

d.      Install trash barrels in commercial areas.


H.     Building Mothball Program

  1. Locations

a.       686 Maple Avenue (Old Helco bldg.)

  1. Actions

a.       Inspections of properties, issue order to owners to secure properties.

b.      Identify funds to provide incentives for aesthetic mothballing.