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People and Demographics
Total Population: 1,161,944
Under 18: 279,246
65 and Over: 153,144
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Families and Households
College Graduates: 81%
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Employment and Income
Median Household Income: $53,849
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Total Housing Units: 492,069
Owner Occupied Housing Units: 470,628
Structures Built Before 1950: 143,253
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Public Safety and Crime
Violent Crimes: 3,149
Crimes Against Property: 30,848
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About this area: A Metropolitan statistical area (MSA) is a geographic entity defined by the federal Office of Management and Budget and is based on the concept of a core area with a large population nucleus, plus adjacent communities having a high degree of economic and social integration with that core. Qualification of an MSA requires the presence of a city with 50,000 or more inhabitants, or the presence of an Urbanized Area (UA) and a total population of at least 100,000 (75,000 in New England).

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