Special Notes on Neighborhood and NRZs
At HartfordInfo.org, you can view data on Hartford broken down by City Neighborhood boundaries (as defined by the City of Hartford) or by Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ) boundaries.

For some areas, the names and boundaries are the same for both City Neighborhoods and NRZs. These include: Blue Hills,Clay Arsenal, Northeast, and Upper Albany.

Some NRZs have the same name as a City Neighborhood, but the boundaries are different. They are: Asylum Hill, Parkville, South End, South Green and West End.

NRZs have not been established for areas of the city that cover all or part of these City Neighborhoods: Behind the Rocks, Downtown, North Meadows, South Meadows, and Southwest.

The NRZs named CSS CON, Frog Hollow South, Maple Avenue, North Frog Hollow, and SODO cover all or part of the City Neighborhoods named Barry Square, Downtown, Frog Hollow, and Sheldon Charter Oak.

Here are some additional notes to keep in mind:

  • The source of population data is the SF-3 Dataset of the 2000 Census
  • The source of the geographic boundary lines for the City Neighborhoods and NRZs is the City of Hartford Planning Department.

If you have any questions please email us at Info@HartfordInfo.org.

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